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This RED HOT PLR Will Help You Cash In On The BUYING FRENZY For Valentine's Day!

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 According to the latest statistics, the average consumer EACH spent approximately 103 USD on traditional Valentine’s gifts last year.

And the thing is, more and more lovers will be purchasing their Valentine’s day gifts online at various e-commerce websites. According the the Head of Research at, the average online e-commerce shopper is anticipated to spend

approximately 68.81 USD MORE than those shopping offline, so that's 171 USD PER online shopper.

So which online shopping site do you think will be the most popular choice among these shoppers?


So now the question is, WHEN do you start marketing to this rabid crowd who have their credit cards ready to buy?

To answer that, here's some statistics from Google Insights:

As shown from the screenshot above, Valentine's Day gifts related searches are experiencing a huge spike in volume over the last 30 days and is going to reach its PEAK in another 1-2 weeks time.

This means the time to start riding on this avalanche of demand is NOW!

Imagine if you could profit from the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of shoppers who are looking for Valentine's Day gifts for their loved ones WITHOUT actually doing any hard selling....

Would you be interested? YES of COURSE YOU WLL!


Valentine's Day Profit Booster

This instant money making package comprises of two RED HOT ebooks.

eBook #1: Top 25 Valentine Gifts For Males

This ebook contains a compilation of 25 red hot Valentine Day's gift suggestions for males in 2012. In short, there are 25 professionally written product reviews!

eBook #2: Top 25 Valentine Gifts For Females

This ebook contains a compilation of 25 red hot Valentine Day's gift suggestions for females in 2012. In short, there are 25 professionally written product reviews!

Here's a sample product review:

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Using an online PDF rebrander which we'll provide you with, you can INSTANTLY rebrand BOTH of these ebooks with your Amazon affiliate links embedded inside with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Here's why this package is SO AWESOME...

You are NOT required to do any selling at all!

Poeple are looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas desperately, especially when it draws closer to the date. So they'll be more than HAPPY to read your ebook and they'll even thank you for that!

So all you need to do is to distribute this ebook for free to as many people as possible. And whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and ends up purchasing something from Amazon, you'll get credited!

So How Can You Distribute Your eBook?

Method #1 - Send out this ebook to your subscribers list as a gift. It doesn't matter which niche you have a list in. You can send to ALL of them. EVERYONE is looking for Valentine's Day gifts and they will THANK you for this.

Method #2 - Send an email to all your friends. Again, you're NOT doing any hard selling at all and your friends will thank you for this!

Method #3 - Post this ebook on your Facebook wall or any social networking site

Method #4 - Upload this on your blog and let your blog readers download this for free

Method #5 - Upload this on document sharing sites or ebook directories

Method #6 - Write Valentine's Day related articles and submit to article directories. In your resource box, you can include a link to your ebook.

Method #7 - Create simple videos and submit to video sharing sites. And insert a link to download your ebook in both the video and also the video description.

Method #8 - Create a brand new site targeting Valentine's Day gifts related keywords and use it to market both ebooks

And much much more!

The potential is LIMITLESS!

Provide The Giveaway Rights to Your eBook
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Yes, you can even throw in giveaway rights to your ebook and allow others to give away your ebook (with your affiliate links embedded!)

Imagine hundreds of other people start giving away your ebook. In a few weeks time, it could have been read by TENS of THOUSANDS of other people. How much money could you possibly make?!

You Get Full Private Label Rights And You Can Break It Down If You Like!

What this means is, you receive the word document source to both ebooks as well. So if you don't wish to rebrand the ebook automatically using the rebrander but wish to edit the content, you are free to do so as you like.

You can even split up the product reviews and setup separate individual sites for each product.

Or you can submit some of these product reviews to article directories while promoting the full ebook in your resource box.

In short, you can do whatever you like with the content and use it to profit wildly by tapping into this RED HOT niche right now.

The only thing you CANNOT do is to give away or sell the Private Label Rights to this package.

We'll throw in the following bonuses to make it
even more irresistible!

Bonus #1) Squeeze Page for you to collect leads

If you like, you can send your visitors to a squeeze page and collect leads which you could market to in the future.

We'll throw in a ready made squeeze page so you can plug in and use immediately.

Bonus #2) E-cover graphic (with PSD)

You are free to make any changes you like to this ecover graphic!

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